Caring for My Mom with Love, Laughter, and Tears: A Journey Through Caregiving at the End of Life

Caring for an aging parent requires patience and stamina. Caregiving is hard work. Acknowledging that someone you love is dying is even harder. Caring for My Mom with Love, Laughter, and Tears is the true story of how, with the help of hospice, the author, Rae Ann, was able to honor her mother’s wish to live out the rest of her life, cared for by her daughter, and surrounded by the comforts of home. As the story unfolds, readers learn about the cancer diagnosis, her mom’s positive attitude, and the sudden life changing event that leads to a call to hospice. Rae Ann is forever grateful for the invaluable care and support hospice provided. She cannot imagine taking her mom on that end-of-life journey without help from hospice. She has shared her story so others will know about hospice, should they find themselves in a smiliar situation.



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