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Taking Care Of Yourself As Well As The Elderly: Vacation And Respite


Caring for an elderly member of your family is a huge responsibility that very few people actually take on today. It is to be commended for so many reasons, especially when you consider just how much caregivers do give up to dedicate themselves to their family. When you do accept the task of looking after an individual family member who is no longer capable of taking care of his or herself, the key element to remember is […]

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How to Care for Aging Parents, 3rd Edition


“The bible of eldercare”—ABC World News. “An indispensable book”—AARP. “A compassionate guide of encyclopedic proportion”—The Washington Post. And, winner of a Books for a Better Life Award. How to Care for Aging Parents is the best and bestselling book of its kind, and its author, Virginia Morris, is the go-to person on eldercare for the media, appearing on Oprah, TODAY, and Good Morning America, among many other outlets. How to Care for Aging Parents is an authoritative, […]

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Develop Your Skills To Care For The Elderly: Wound Care


If you care for an elderly member of your family, you will fully understand that maintaining his or her health is extremely hard work and you will often feel like you are fighting an uphill battle that you have absolutely no chance of winning! It takes dedication and sheer hard work to gain the advantage sometimes and even then something will inevitably crop up to send you back to stage one again. Seniors are like children in […]

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How To Deal With Difficult Aging Parents: A Relationship Guide For Stressed Out Adult Children


Are you overwhelmed and stressed out from your difficult aging parents and feel like there is seemingly no end or any solution to it all? Believe it or not, this is one of life’s most common, yet difficult problems to handle that happens to every one of us: What happens when you eventually have to take on the role of parent to your very own? We will all have to face the fact of not only having […]

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Elder Care


Elder care or care for the elderly refers to fulfilling special needs of senior citizens. Senior citizens today means our own parents, elderly destitute people, the homeless and others of old age who may be infirm or ill. In many countries around the world, ‘elderly care’ covers a whole area of related services in the areas of adult day care, assisted living, long-term care, home-care, hospice care and so on. However, these services vary from region to […]

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Caring For The Elderly: Senior Illnesses And What They Mean To You


As we get older, we all become more susceptible to illnesses, diseases and ailments that may render us incapacitated in some way, shape or form. In some cases we may not even recover from them. It is a sad fact, but we will all eventually shake hands with the very thing that is going to kill us. However, that is not to say that all senior illnesses are incurable. In fact, there are very few that are […]

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Senior Citizen Caregiving 101: Things I wish I’d known


I was my 95 year old Mom’s caregiver for the last 5 years of her life. During this time, I learned about senior citizen caregiving mostly on my own with my Mom’s careful and loving guidance. The things I most wish I’d known before starting down this caregiver path were begging to be documented, and that’s what you’ll find in this eBook – the good, the bad (although sometimes pretty humorous), and, upon occasion, the very ugly. […]

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