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9 Realities of Caring for an Elderly Parent: A Love Story of a Different Kind


When the End Is Near Are you worried about what will happen when Mom and Dad can no longer care for themselves? If the whole job of caregiving falls to you, this will be your essential playbook for managing their end-of-life period. 9 Realities of Caring for an Elderly Parent covers topics from keeping your parent safe in their own home, organizing their financial records, and de-cluttering while preserving memories to the aftermath including pre-designed funerals, acting […]

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Help the Elderly Remain Active and Healthy – 7 Special Tips to Help a Senior Live an Active Life


If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you have an elderly parent or other loved one who you’re worried about. You want this person to be active and healthy, but he or she just does not seem motivated to do much anymore. WELL, YOU AREN’T ALONE. There are thousands of caring sons, daughters, caregivers, and friends who are committed to helping elderly people lead the highest quality of lives possible. I imagine you have tried a variety […]

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The Complete Eldercare Planner, Revised and Updated Edition: Where to Start, Which Questions to Ask, and How to Find Help


The only guide you’ll ever need to manage the care of your aging family FULLY REVISED AND UPDATED As our population shifts and ages, the care needs for our elders continue to change and evolve. Today’s generation of family and professional caregivers faces new decisions and challenges, as well as previously unavailable options. This thoroughly revised and updated 2009 edition of The Complete Eldercare Planner equips you with reliable, up-to-the-minute information to help you plan and manage […]

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The Advantages of Home Care For the Elderly


Many seniors have trouble getting around their homes safely, leaving families with some tough decisions. Whether or not an elderly family member should move into an assisted living facility is often one of the key questions. However, home care is a viable option with many great benefits. 1. Homecare allows seniors to retain a sense of independence and freedom as they age. They can leave their home to go wherever they please whenever suits them best. Similarly, […]

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Understanding Dementia and Caregiving for Your Aging Parents From A to Z


Caregiving takes its toll in many ways – mentally, emotionally, and physically. It is important to ask for and accept help as you come to grips with this enormous task in front of you. There are lots of books on caregiving, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, which review the same topics in different ways. “Understanding Dementia and Caregiving For Your Aging Parents From A to Z” attempts to look at the same subject matter through a different lens. […]

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Optimal Caregiving: A guide for managing senior health and well-being


Caregiving is an ever-changing journey that can raise more questions than answers when it comes to caring for your loved one, because as a caregiver, we always want what’s best for the people we love. Optimal Caregiving: A Guide for Managing Senior Health and Well-Being shares awareness of good nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and emphasizes the importance of self-care for the caregiver. As a certified nutritional consultant, Susan Landeis, understands that each person is an individual with a […]

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Dare to Live – Devotions for Those Over The Hill, Not Under It


Dare to Live: Devotions for Those Over The Hill, Not Under It! is a jolt of spiritual inspiration, a quick boost for your soul. Rediscover God’s grace, hope, and power for living-regardless of your place or age in life. In Dare to Live 87-year-old author Elizabeth Van Liere leads readers through a thirty-day journey to a fuller understanding of what it means to “season slowly with a mighty and loving Savior.” This journey pursues a life characterized […]

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