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The Critical Importance of Recreation For Senior Citizens


As our population ages, there is increasing emphasis on teaching and learning lifelong recreational skills. Research has shown that recreation is an important part of an individual’s social behavior. Recreation plays a critical role in the lives of older adults by contributing to an improved quality of life. People who participate in recreational activities as senior citizens report significantly more life satisfaction than those who do not. Physical recreation is especially important. Engaging in physical activity reduces […]

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Make Life Better for Seniors: More Than 1,200 Tips for Families and Caregivers


Make Life Better for Seniors includes valuable insights and commonsense tips from those who have walked in their shoes: nursing professionals, physical therapists, social workers, and loving family members whose creativity and resourcefulness offer immediate help to those in need. Here are practical solutions for saving money on medication; getting doctors to really listen; making life easier for people who are visually, hearing, or mentally impaired; and most important, taking care of oneself.   Customer Feedback

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Agnes Hopper Shakes Up Sweetbriar (The Adventures of Agnes Series Book 1)


Nominated as a Pat Conroy Southern Beach Music Mystery Summer’s steamy haze coats North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, but feisty Agnes Marie Hopper discovers the heat isn’t the only thing causing her blood to boil. After a kitchen fire destroys her home, Agnes moves in with her daughter, Betty Jo. Three months later they come to an understanding: neither can tolerate living with the other. So on a sultry August morning, Betty Jo drives Agnes and her […]

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Long Term Care Guide: Essential Tips For Solving The Elder Care Puzzle


When an older adult begins to require assistance with activities of daily living, or experiences a healthcare crisis, a family may feel threatened by potential social, emotional, physical, financial, and legal challenges. Solving the long-term care puzzle is easier for a caregiver who has a guide, not only to understand a present challenge, but to foresee a potential catastrophe down the road. This book is composed of published articles written by Elder Law attorneys and an Elder […]

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Activities for Responsive Caregiving: Infants, Toddlers, and Twos


101 play-based activities to begin a lifetime of learningVery young children are rapidly changing and eagerly discovering their worlds. As a responsive caregiver, you support children’s development and create a nurturing environment filled with opportunities for them to joyfully explore, learn, and grow. This resource provides more than a hundred play-based activities to help infants, toddlers, and two-year-olds develop the skills they need to become active, happy lifelong learners. Each activity is easy to implement, engages children […]

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Elderly Mobility Challenges – Falling Out of Bed – Why Bed Rails Are Not Mobility Aids


Mobility issues in general are misunderstood and lack appropriate solutions to address the problem. One issue is why, do people fall out of bed and why is it such a healthcare mystery. You may wonder how beds and bed rails equal a mobility issue until you understand a century old misconception. Many bed falls are mobility related. The most common solutions were to confine the person or restrain them with bed rails, sometimes both. Today’s focus is […]

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Tears In My Gumbo, The Caregiver’s Recipe for Resilience


Tears in My Gumbo, The Caregiver’s Recipe for Resilience is a heartfelt manuscript that speaks personally and passionately to the 44 million caregivers caught up in the silver tsunami sweeping this country and for all of the people who care about the caregiver. The book inspires and supports caregivers as well as the family unit involved in the loved one s care. Through a series of caregiver stories, the book illustrates the ingredients needed for caregivers to […]

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